Three occupational benefits solutions

We propose a concept of occupational insurance that allows, thanks to its modular approach, the realization of a tailor-made solution.

Based on the analysis of your occupational benefits requirements and the various available options, you can configure an individual solution custom-fit to the size of your company and the profile of your employees.

  Multi-employer solution Company solution Individual solution
Small and middle-sized companies  
Middle-sized and large companies  
Middle, top management and enterprise subject to IFRS  

The multi-employer Pension Fund Genesia solution is particularly attractive for the small and middle-sized structures. The main advantages of this solution are its simplicity and globalized asset management, which allow you to outsource your administration on very attractive terms while ensuring complete transparency.

The Company Pension Fund solution is designed for companies seeking to establish a comprehensive occupational benefits solution allowing them to make the effective decisions on the asset management, interest rate policy, conversion rates, etc. 

Key value added of this solution is a combination of a tailored employer occupational benefits solution with the cost advantages of the large size of the Collective Foundation.

The individual solution or Individual Choice of Investment Strategy solution is intended for companies wishing to offer their executives an extra-mandatory occupational benefits plan that leaves each of them the freedom to manage their own investments within a defined framework in accordance with the laws.

In addition, for the companies under the international accounting standards IFRS/USGAAP, the Individual Choice of Investment Strategy solution provides an effective way to reduce their balance sheet commitments, while offering their executives an attractive benefits package adapted to their risk profile.

The FCT is delighted to announce the creation in 2018 of its sister company, the FCT 1e ! As a pioneer in the field of plans with individual choice of investment strategy (“plans 1e”), the FCT proposes this solution to its clients since many years and is now willing to further enhance its positioning in this sector by creating a new foundation fully dedicated to this type of plans. This decision also complies with the will of the legislator to segregate the plans with individual choice of investment strategy from the rest of the system as from 1st January 2020.

Shared characteristics of the different solutions


  • Free choice of solution and pension plans within the statutory limits.
  • Clear separation of costs (savings, risk and administration)
  • Online access to your data via our secured platform Employee Benefits Center (EBC)
  • Administration: online data change (EBC) /automatic interface with client’s HR systems

Cost efficiencies

  • Reduced asset management fees thanks to the Foundation’s global volume
  • Death and disability reinsurance: 3-year rate guarantee
  • Administration costs: 3-year rate guarantee


  • Direct participation to the evolution of the financial markets
  • Investment risk profile adapted to each solution
  • Interest rate policy for savings accounts adapted to each solution
  • Investment fluctuation reserve adapted to each solution


  • Permanent internal control and compliance system
  • Mastering of investment risks (annual asset-liability study) in diversified portfolios
  • Congruent reinsurance coverage for death and disability risks with a Swiss insurer
  • Annual supervision of each Pension Fund by the Foundation’s accredited pension expert