The assets of each Pension Fund are managed according to its specific needs, within the legal framework and each Pension Committee has the choice of its investment strategy and partners.

The Asset management partners shall be approved by the FCT Board of Trustees based on a recommendation from the Investment Committee.

As a rule, the Asset management partners and the proposed investment profiles are reviewed periodically (and every 3 to 5 years) based of an ALM study performed by a specialized expert.

Each Multi-employer and Company Pension Fund shall constitute an investment fluctuation reserve to overcome any possible negative performance of the financial markets. 

The FCT accredited pension expert calculates the target amount of the reserve for each and every Pension Fund based on a probabilistic method for a 3 years-long horizon and 95% security level.

  Multi-employer solution Company solution Individual solution
Strategic asset allocation Uniform* Tailor-made Tailor-made
Managers, banks, consultants Uniform* Tailor-made Tailor-made

*for the affiliated companies