Transparent. Independent.

FCT Collective Foundation Trianon, with headquarters in Geneva, was founded in 1998 by Trianon SA. We are active in the occupational benefits second pillar of the Swiss three pillars social security system.

As a competent and strong partner, we assist the companies to meet their needs in the implementation, management and restructuring of their long-term custom-fit occupational benefits solution supported by the comprehensive management of the related risks.

Regardless of size and structure, our solutions are made to measure for small, medium and large companies, both local and multinational. We are organized so as to master this flexibility.


Our mission

Our mission is to be a reliable, proactive and robust collective foundation, the trusted partner of our valued customers, and to guarantee the payment of the death, invalidity and retirement benefits on a long term and sustainable basis. 

We strive to provide our members with a permanent access to their benefits and the options available to them in connection with their occupational insurance. 

Our values

  • Legality: Execution in full compliance with the legal framework, decision-making rigor, permanent monitoring of compliance and active dialogue with the authorities.
  • Efficiency: Modern organisation and highly specialized proficient partners to provide efficient, viable customized solutions at a cost suited to the complexity of the solution.
  • Independence: Independence from banks, insurance companies and brokers.
  • Transparency: Segregation of assets of affiliated companies or groups of companies, preparation and presentation of individual annual accounts to Pension Committees, free choice of affiliation, no-penalty termination, independent accounting.